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Leggo My Burrito

So, for some strange reason I’ve been craving burritos & queso. Maybe it’s the fact that when I deliver for Postmates, I’m always picking up from Mexican restaurants and the smell just sticks with me aftera while . It’s the smell of fresh tortillas, cheese and beans that get my, “fat senses,” tingling lol. I didn’t want to go to any of the chain Mexican or Tex-Mex spots to put an end to my cravings. I wanted something a tad bit more authentic. I began by checking Yelp and then pairing what I found with Instagram either by that particular restaurant account or geo-tagging, and low and behold, I came across, “Casa De Quesadilla,” located in Sandy Springs. After reading Yelp reviews you would think that I should not attend, but the reviews were dated and most were pertaining to the slowness of service. I must say, I thought I had gotten lost because my GPS led me to a gas station and I was looking crazy like, “Wtf is Siri doing?” After looking around I spotted them in the same suite as the gas station.

I began to second guess this place and all the reviews I read flooded to the forefront of my mind, but it was late and I was starving, so I bravely entered. I was greeted immediately (which is always a good sign) and the staff was small maybe 3 or 4. The waitress was attentive and spoke a little English, which was another good sign in my thinking by the assumption that, “hey they might be the real deal” lol. After scanning the menu, I decided on the Chicken Burrito & Queso. When I tell you it was good, that’s an understatement. It was the best that I’ve had, even though I don’t eat them often. Sometimes you just know real when it hits you! If you’re ever in the Sandy Springs area check them out! Casa De Quesadilla 8757 Dunwoody Pl, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

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