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Honey Lavender Lemon Pepper Wings

Head to Kroger and pickup some Lefty’s Spices Fish & Chicken mix add about a 1/2 cup to mixing bowl and 1 cup water or to consistently liking once you start stirring.

In another add a cup of all purpose flour to an additional mixing bowl. Add in about TBSP of Thyme, black pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder & onion powder

Season chicken wings with same ingredients

Toss chicken in wet batter coat evenly and then toss in flour mix do both steps twice.

Heat oil to 375 and drop your chicken cook for 8-10 minutes always use a digital thermometer to insure internal temp is 165 or above.

Now it’s time to sauce & dash!

Visit and pickup some Lavender Lemon Pepper!!

No measurements required! In a pot warm up some honey and lemon juice then dash in some LLP then stir in wings and coat evenly!


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