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Feed Fried Chicken

Project type

Restaurant Review


February 2018


Smyrna, GA


Food Quality - *****
Breaking the Bank - ****
Environment - ******
Customer Service - *******
Parking - Free *****

Feed Fried Chicken and Such in Battery Atl which houses the Atlanta Braves new home SunTrust Park is one of the many restaurants that resides there. It’s not your regular chicken shack, it’s equipped with an outside bar and even though I don’t drink I always find myself standing there with a sandwich or drumstick in my hand. The staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable about every detail of the items available.

We’re not in Nashville anymore! This is Hot Chicken Atlanta style made with the heat of the Peachtree Road Race and the sweetness of a Georgia peach. So when bite into this Atl hot chicken you’re tastebuds are going to go into overdrive trying to hold on to the spice kick and sweetness it just experienced along with it being extra crispy. The thing I enjoyed most is the fact that it’s not actually a super runny sauce, it’s more of a moistened rub I guess and if go with any of the meals that’s not a sandwich you’ll witness how the Texas toast soaks up the wetness and the rub itself coagulates at the bottom of the tray making for a good mix for either your fries or Mac and Cheese. If you’re not into spicy no worries they have regular fried chicken available. Feed Fried Chicken has so far been the best I’ve had a chance to experience I seriously recommend this spot!

Here’s a little caveat if you go back to my post “Spend That Check” you can find Feed in the Dining Out Atl Passbook.

We ate:
Half Chicken, Chicken Sandwich and sides

Breast, wing, thigh & drumstick, texas toast

Chicken Sandwich boneless breast, shredded lettuce, house pickles,
duke’s mayo, Alabama White Sauce buttered brioche bun

Banana Pudding and Peach Cobbler

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